6 Weeks on The Quarry

11114014_864736743581568_9048746193722099087_oFor the last six weeks I had decided to focus on the Quarry for a bit of an autumn campaign. The target was to try and manage a couple of nights each week and see if I could work them out. From the outset, my most desired was a carp known as Orion.

I had photographed him for a client of mine, Sam Croft, last summer, spawned out at 31lbs. He was then one of the most impressive carp I have seen.

His last capture was in April and with that being the only capture this year, we all had a feeling he could be big and possibly break 40lbs for the first time.

After a string of captures and a fair few repeats, I was wondering what I had to do to get one of the real units. The answer was of course, keep going, keep catching and it will come.

At 6am this morning, the planets aligned and the incredible fish rested, beaten in my net.12314659_987088328000791_9094554114813066987_o Orion weighed 43lbs 2ozs, my 40th fish was not only a forty pounder but the most desirable carp I have seen in a long time.

Perfect tail, sloping head, underslung mouth. Carp porn!
I was, and still am, totally stupefied. Thank you Carp Gods!

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