What a Month

What a month it has been, possibly getting close to the soaring record heat we had in July last year. It does make it hard when you are on the bank teaching and so I made sure we spent the time during the really hot weather at the Quarry. The deeply sloped, tree lined banks ensure shade all day in all but a couple of south facing swims and this helps make it a lot more bearable.

Through the middle of the month I had a succession of clients booked with me for a few nights at the Quarry and, with the fish having spawned successfully a few times, I was hoping they’d be up for a bit of food.

Over the last couple of years I have noticed the place become very tricky through August and September and looking at the catch reports it seemed the place wasn’t really fishing all that well, even though it was only mid July.

My first client, Seb Dickinson, came down from Norwich and, meeting early, we set off to find the fish. I had an idea where they would be and I was proved correct when after only a few minutes staring at a patch of frothy bubbles, a carp silently came out amongst them - game on!

We spent the next couple of hours pinpointing all the activity in the swim, before trotting off to get some gear as mid morning arrived and the activity slowly dwindled to a halt. We spent the next few hours going through all the things Seb wanted to focus on and by teatime we had his rods all accurately committed to a zone of hard bottom at about 80yards.

Early the next morning his middle rod rattled off and Seb was soon holding up an immaculate, black shouldered Quarry upper double. The proof is always in the pudding as they say, and taking Seb out of his comfort zone and teaching him to fish accurately on a small hard area amongst weed at range had paid off handsomely. I’d managed to nick one from the swim next door too, so it was a fine morning as we sat back and sipped coffee with the whiff of carp slime coming off the nets.

My next client was young Ben Cherrill. Ben works at the respected angling outlet Johnson & Ross and is mad keen for his fishing. We worked hard in the heat to locate the carp - it was well over thirty degrees but finally we managed to find a few. They looked well up for a floater and after patiently firing some out for an hour, we managed to get a strong feeding reaction.

With some brilliant casting from a tiny, tight swim, Ben quickly hooked one of the feeding fish and after a fine scrap we netted a nice mirror which went 23.14 - what a result!

Ben Rogers was the next to join me and still the weather was oppressively hot, peaking at 34 degrees - I was so glad we were on a shady lake and not camped up at a barren reservoir!
We found the fish in a particularly weedy area and it took a long while casting around with a bare lead in the hope of finding a clean area to fish on. Ben eventually located a brilliant looking spot - small and rock hard and he baited this accurately with the Spomb. The next morning the rod on that spot ripped off against a tight clutch and after a solid battle in the weed, Ben managed to net a gorgeous, scaly mirror which went just over 22lbs. There were 11 anglers on the lake that night and Ben was the only one to catch - well done that man!!

And so ended a hot and sticky few days where we worked hard to obtain very satisfying results. Of course the fish were really just the gravy; the main objective is always to ensure that each and every client goes away equipped with what he came to learn and I am pleased to say, they all did.

All in all a smashing few days shared with a great bunch of lads at a fabulous lake!

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