About Me

I have been a carp fisherman since just after midday on Friday 26th July 1985. (Yes, the moment I caught my first carp left an indelible impression on me!) I am a IMG_2158very passionate person and carp fishing has burned brightly with me ever since. I have worked in the angling industry since 1996 and have headed up product development with several of the leading tackle companies. In addition to this, I have been a keen writer in the angling media since 1999 and appeared in a lot of filmed media which has been shown widely on Sky Sports through to the Discovery Channel.
I am in the process of writing the first of three books and my role in the television side of carp fishing is slowly growing. Perhaps surprisingly to some of you, I have never sought ‘carp fishing fame’. I was simply asked by an editor (Jim Foster at Catchmore Carp) to write an article for him. It was well received and it went from there!
I have fished a huge range of different waters, varying from rivers through to massive gravel pits and everything in-between. My biggest angling passion is watching my quarry up close and trying to tempt them with a stalking or floater fishing approach – to me there is little else more exciting.
Having been exposed to the thick end of the angling industry for so long, I feel fortunate that with every passing year, my love of carp fishing grows ever brighter. It doesn’t matter if I am going for a few doubles or setting off on a mission for a monster – the night before is always the same: sleepless!
I now earn a modest living operating a tutorial / guiding business. Since I started, they have proved very popular and I am often booked several months ahead. If you fancy the idea of a fishing trip with me, either as a ‘social’ or with a view to improving key areas of your angling then click Guide Service / Tutorials