Charity Events

In 2015, I supported and attended numerous events which were raising funds for various great causes. These included:

Castaway Cancer (a charity that I am an ambassador for) - this was a fishing weekend held in April which, in its second year, continues to raise impressive sums of money. This year we raised over 11k in just 48 hours!

The MNDA event has been held at Linear fisheries for a long time and in 2015 we held the final event. Lasting three days and attended by a ‘who’s who’ of the angling world, the event raises serious capital for a worthy cause in Motor Neurone research. Over five events we have raised over £143,000!

Each year I help out with raising funds for the Padua children ward which supports and cares for children afflicted with cancer. This is quite a small fund raiser but it all helps and I am proud to be a part of it.