The decision to branch out on a self employed basis as an angling guide / tutor was an easy one to make. I have always enjoyed communicating knowledge with other people and it is something that I found came very naturally, following many junior and adult events though the early 2000s.

The buzz I got from helping people to catch their first carp, or their first double, was tremendous and although I had always done it on a voluntary basis, when the opportunity came to do it full time, I grabbed it with both hands.

I have been doing tutorials on a full time basis, Monday to Friday, since early 2013. I guess that I am very lucky because a lot of potential clients feel familiar with me through my TV work and this has certainly been a key factor in keeping me busy and well booked.
Personal bests all round at Par!
Since beginning, I have worked closely with hundreds of clients, from a one to one basis through to big group bookings. These aren’t all domestic bookings either - I regularly get booked to travel to France with clients and these trips have seen some huge fish landed!

I’m not actually sure how many personal bests I have shared with clients over the years. There have been a lot - and there have been a lot of thirty pounders too! It’s been a hell of a ride; many long term friendships have been struck and I can honestly say that all of my clients thus far have been great blokes - I am a lucky man to be able to do this and I love every moment

Actual sessions are tailored to individual requirements. Venue choice is made to ensure it is the right one for the client and together, we work through all of the things on the client’s list. Sometimes it’s a short list and sometimes it’s a long one, but we always get there. Invariably, my number one priority is my client and I strive to ensure that they always go away fully equipped with everything they came to me for. I take my job VERY seriously and will endeavour to make you feel you have had value for money while enjoying yourself too!

At the start of the session, we locate the fish together and the client is ALWAYS put on the fish. Additionally, I only get my own rods out if there is time and if the client is fully settled at the end of the day. Usually I do fish and this is what the client also prefers as all my customers want to see how I fish as well, but I reiterate, this is only once I have done my days work!

I have a long list of repeat customers - some are now up to seven bookings! Of course, there is only so much I can pass on, but a lot of guys come along anyway because we always have such a great time!

So, if you are thinking of booking, don’t be nervous! Have a read of the testimonials and drop me a line. I have worked with anglers of all abilities - it doesn’t matter if you are worried about your casting or even your rigs, there is nothing to be embarrassed about!'