Guide Service / Tutorials

I guess that if I am asking you to part with your hard earned cash and do a tutorial with me then it’s only fair I tell you a little bit about myself first!
Mikey Pratt having just returned one of his three tutorial personal bests!I am now in my fourth year of being a self-employed angling guide. In that time I have worked closely with several hundred clients whose ability has ranged from carp fishing newcomer through to seasoned, long time angler.
Although the description often tends to be ‘angling tutor’, don’t let that put you off if you have been carp fishing for a long time. I would also describe my service as an ‘angling guide’, and I get a lot of clients who simply want to go fishing together and see what comes out of it.
The bottom line is that we should all never stop learning and if you think that because you have been carp fishing for twenty years then you know it all, then you are on a fast track to limiting your own understanding of angling. We all have things still to learn (myself included), and being open minded to this process instead of closed off to it will undoubtedly help you mature as an angler. I learn new things all the time when I am fishing and main reason is that I am open, receptive and eager to learn – be like a sponge and it will come to you.
Being a capable angler is not the main skill of an angling tutor – social / people skills are vital and I pride myself on being able to communicate key points in a clear and concise manner that is easily understood. I do have a testimonials page on this site, so please have a look and see what my clients think about the service I have given.