Sticky Baits

8962_8961_8960_Sticky_LogoI joined Sticky in January 2014 after many months of deliberation; the decision to join the company was a difficult one to make because I was very confident in the bait I had been using. However, I simply couldn’t fail to take notice of the incredible track record the Krill was building and every time I smelt it, it just smelt ‘perfect’ to me. I’ve always been a fan of rich fishmeals in the summer and in my view they are the ultimate ‘big fish’ bait - it’d got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

As part of the process, I took a trip up to see the Sticky facility near Hull. I had known the owner of Sticky from my days fishing at Wraysbury and knew that Tom was a man who never did anything by halves. When he told me that his mission was to create the ultimate fishmeal boilie, I knew that the end result would be something very special indeed.

Sticky Krill and hemp - works everywhere!There are a lot of bait companies out there but an awful lot are run by anglers, and I think it would be fair to say many of them have a modest understanding of bait at best. If you wanted to start a bait company tomorrow then the process is fairly simple; a few hours on the internet will secure you a supply of fishmeal and milk proteins while oils and flavours are also easy to find. The end result is that the majority of companies making bait utilise the same small group of suppliers, and the end products sold to anglers are usually quite similar.

Partly due to sourcing from completely different markets, the bait that Sticky turns out is uniquely different to the mass market products. I always think of the Krill as being the ‘fillet steak’ of boilies and when I saw the facilities where it was made, it was a real turning point. The factory is like a James Bond installation - like something out of Dr.No! I’d seen a few bait factories in my time but none of them were run as professionally as this. They’ve even spent thousands of pounds installing a water purification plant so that all the bait is cooked in purified water - I can tell you that very few companies are taking things to that kind of level.

As another example, Sticky adds calcium to its baits. This doesn’t make the bait any more Oily Krill and a Spomb - weapons of mass catching!effective at catching fish and as such is added at their own cost. What it does is ensure the carp grow skeletally and not just drop big guts; another great example of how the company looks at the bigger picture and places the health of the fish at the top of the list.

On a market saturated with ‘Krill’ boilies I was very aware that many contained flavours, powders or extracts. When the guys in the factory showed me what was in the Sticky Krill, I was shown a slab of pure krill, millions and millions of them!

After the visit my mind was made up - bait made by serious guys with serious scientific knowledge. Since then I haven’t looked back and my results have genuinely soared to the point that I think my results with the bait have made me look a better angler than I actually am! But isn’t that what we all want from our bait? No hype or promises, just the best quality available that genuinely works everywhere, is good for the fish to eat and, vitally, gets us plenty of bites!

With a selection of other supremely high quality baits in the range, bait quality is now a given and isn’t something I ever worry about. I am proud to have Sticky as a partner and look forward to many successful years with them in the future.